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The Plenum School is nestled between two hills with a beautiful stream flowing on one side in Himachal Pradesh. There is dense foliage around the stream with lush green trees. A majestic mountain with a beautiful pine forest. It is the highest point in the area and offers a panoramic view of the valley. The plenum school is among the topmost boarding schools in Himachal Pradesh, affiliated to Cambridge board & fully residential. The school provides completely international boarding exposure to your child. The school has nearby attraction cities including Chandigarh, Shimla, Kasauli & Solan.





कोई बजम (महफ़िल) हो या कफ़स (पिंजड़ा) या पीरगी का हो दयार। जहाँ रोशनी की कमी लगी … वहीं चिराग एक जला दिया।।

The Plenum School is a dream to set up a unique and world-class school. Our society members are highly educated, well-placed professionals who share my passion and vision for making The Plenum School a global brand. World-class institutions take time to nurture and build. Thus we are a work in progress.


5 Acres

Green Campus






Teacher Student Ratio



Regular Health Check-up


Treks & Excursions

The location of our school is a blessing for nature and trek lovers. Regular treks in the nearby hills keeps our faculty and students fit and healthy. Every trek and excursion helps in improving endurance, reduce stress, improve cardiovascular and musculoskeletal strength. Excursions promote socializing, help develop managerial skills and improve cultural understanding.

Dance Parties

Dancing is a must do activity for parties at The Plenum School. While dancing every child forgets himself/herself and lives in the moment. It's the best way to end shyness and promote a carefree attitude in life. Thus you will find students and teachers at The Plenum School always ready to “ shake a leg” and paint the town red. Dance sessions also help cement the strong bonds that wonderful boarding schools help inculcate in their students. Parties celebrated together helps in improving bonding and making each other feel important and wanted, something that every young minds look forward to.

All-Round Development-Astachal

Asthachal is akin to contemplation, mindfulness, reflective observation. We gather every evening and sit quietly to observe ourselves and the world we live in. The Plenum School believes that making students reflect on their daily lives will go a long way in making smart and sensible adults. It helps the students in steadying the mind and observing their own thought and memories as a mere witness. This is an established practice of meditation in Indian philosophy known as “Niddidhyasana”. It is NOT easy, but great schools try and do tough things.

After Dinner Discussions

We just don’t say that our teachers are more than friends for our students, We mean it. Personal interactions with students after dinner in their dorms, is a way to share a relation stronger than that of a “normal teacher”. Great residential schools help shape character of its students by the close knit and personal interest teachers take in shaping young lives. Our teachers joke, inform, correct, understand or just listen to our students. With easier access to their teachers, our students become confident in voicing their opinion on any matter –big or small.


• We admit students from 4th to 11th classes. For exact vacancy, seats and availability, fees and scholarship opportunities, please speak to us.
• Only International, Co ed, Residential school in Himachal Pradesh.
• Great Founders, Superb location, Best faculty, Wonderful environment and a loving & affectionate ambience makes us difficult to ignore.
• Cambridge is one of the best boards globally. The education system is modern, relevant, famous and also easy.
• Topmost schools in India are all moving towards global systems like Cambridge and IB.
• Cambridge education prepares your child for the 21st century world.
• More than 400 top notch school in India follow and teach the Cambridge curriculum. For more details please see https://www.schoolmykids.com/education/list-cie-cambridge-schools-in-india
• Cambridge IGCSE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education)– Class X
• AS ( Advanced Subsidiary) level – Class XI
• A (Advanced) level – Class XII
• All colleges, schools, universities including IIT, NIT, AIIMS, Delhi University, Panjab university and all private colleges and universities accept Cambridge degree. For more please see. https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/Images/301400-india-recognition-statements-as-level.pdf
• Most certainly Cambridge education being a global curriculum is very well understood and appreciated by leading global universities and colleges in UK, US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore etc. https://help.cambridgeinternational.org/hc/en-gb/articles/115004302785-Where-are-Cambridge-International-AS-A-Levels-accepted-and-recognised
• Truthfully no, the IAS exam is only written after graduation/post-graduation. Thus, your child is not ready. But since our founders are IAS officers, the children get to interact and understand the nuances of the life of a civil servant. Our students thus get an exposure to our members’ unique background in civil service, defense forces, IIT, IIM etc. Such interactions may really impact children and may leave them in a much better frame of mind to make informed choices later.


Ankit Sharma
B. Tech (IT), M. Tech (ES),
Health and Fitness Instructor
Dr. Pradeep Sharma
M A (Hindi), M A (Sanskrit),
B Ed, Ph D (Hindi) - Vice Principal
Miss. Saloni Jakhar
B Com (Honours)

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