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The Plenum School is the best known new age International, Co-Educational, Boarding School set in the beautiful hills and forests of Himachal Pradesh in a pollution free environment. We are a great school. We care deeply about academics. We feel that as a school our basic responsibility is to provide a great formal education. Our teachers work extra hard to make sure that each student in our school gets to understand all concepts. We believe that understanding concepts is key to a wonderful educational performance in life. Competitive exams in India and elsewhere are a “rejection test” and not a “selection test”.

Those who get selected are the ones who understand concepts clearly. Because there is a limit to rote learning. We take pride in delivering great education. There is no secret in doing this. Our teachers work extra hard. We make programs that encourage the best, the brightest and most caring amongst us to teach and serve children in our care.. After all a child spends more hours in his schools, colleges and universities than he ever spends with his parents and family.

The school has been set up by people from topmost and most coveted professions like the IAS, Alumni of IIT/IIM/AIIMS and other prestigious colleges and universities. Some of our members are leaders in the corporate world and wonderful entrepreneurs.

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One of the Top Cambridge Schools in Shimla

The Plenum School is a top International, Residential School. Cambridge is a modern international curriculum ensures that your child gets the best of the very best. IGCSE, AS & A levels examinations are international benchmarks and students graduating from such schools get admissions in topmost global universities.

Cambridge allows a huge variety of subject choices (nearly 75 subjects) catering to the unique talents of each child. The examination style is meant to test applied knowledge against rote learning followed in traditional Indian Your child gets access to this vast network of global education. Refined over decades, this distilled wisdom

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We are being one of the best Cambridge boarding schools near Shimla have very precisely looked and worked for the development of the facilities which are required for a child of 21st century whether it be nourishing cuisine meal, highly dedicated study area and above all extremely cooperative and friendly staff which in turn makes the experience of living in school memorable.

Best Boarding School in Shimla
5 Acres Green Campus
School subjects
40+ Subjects
Teacher Student Ratio
1:4 Teacher Student Ratio
Health Checkup
Regular Health Checkup


The School Of The Future

Since several months, i have been occupied as a parent, with the selection of a good school for my child. Going through various websites, and prospectus, being an entrepreneur, the thought came to my mind – if i were to open a school, what kind of school it would be? This has little to do with my core business of mobile application development. Schooling and education fall back on old and time tested traditions and we tend to not change many things with time.

Whereas technology, and specifically mobile technology, which is my forte, are extremely dynamic, even unstable and always in a growth phase. It may seem easy to add technology purely at an execution level to a school (eg. develop a homework app) but that will not really re-define the way learning is enabled.

Compassion Beyond Reason

There is a story from zen tradition that has inspired movies and can also inspire us as teachers and human beings. The story goes like this. A zen master noticed a commotion amongst his disciples and asked them what happened. “He has stolen again,” they said in unison and pushed a disciple forward to face the master. The master said, “forgive him.”

“No way. We have forgiven him many times for your sake. Now if you don’t send him out, all of us are going to leave,” the disciples declared. “ I have no intention of sending him away even if all of you leave.” said the zen master. The disciple who had committed the crime fell at the master’s feet and broke down into tears.

May we be the kind of teacher who can see the differences and capabilities in each student.

Role of Technology in Education

We have been using technology so much these days in each and every domain of our lives, be it education or the regular household work, that have we ever taken out a second to wonder if it’s leaving a positive impact on our work or it’s just that we have been relying too much on it that we’ve become habitual to it, ignoring the direction of its impact?

To elucidate on the topic of this article, i am more than definite that technology improves education to a great extent and it has now become a need for revolutionizing education for the better.

With no doubt that our educational system has been transformed owing to the ever-advancing technology. Technology and education are a great combination if used together with a right reason and vision.