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The Plenum School is the best known new age International, Co-Educational, Boarding School set in the beautiful hills and forests of Himachal Pradesh in a pollution free environment. The school has been set up by Change Makers Society. Our members are from topmost and most coveted professions like the IAS, Alumni of IIT/IIM/AIIMS and other prestigious colleges and universities. Some of our members are leaders in the corporate world and wonderful entrepreneurs.

Since our inception, we have constantly made sincere efforts to support the education of middle class prospective students, giving them a fair chance to grow up to be global change makers someday. Our fees compares very favorably with fees charged by a normal CBSE/ICSE Boarding school in India.

Top schools, colleges and Universities the world over offer their best and brightest students ample scholarships opportunities. We are rated as The Best International Boarding School by our students and their parents. We admit students from 4th to 11th classes, who wish to become best role models when they grow up. For exact vacancy, seats and availability, fees and scholarship opportunities, please write to us.

Parents Speaks

Best Cambridge Boarding School

The Plenum School is a dream to help set up “The Finest School” in India so that the finest, global education should be available, accessible, and affordable for majority of Indian students. The best school in India need not be necessarily the most expensive. It should not be the fanciest building or the most gaudily designed entrance gates.

What matters most is the quality of manpower. The teachers, the staff and the management that makes the institution what it is. The pollution free environment around the school is an integral part of our USP. We take pride in the simple down to earth existence that we expose our students to.

The syllabus, extra-curricular activities like arts and music, and sports have been given careful planning and consideration. We do the selection of teachers and mentors after a stringent process for ensuring that only the best facilitators in our school play a crucial part in the vocation of your child. When it comes to facilitating with the best environment and facilities we never compromise with anything.

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The Plenum School is committed to providing each child with a great educational experience comprising academic excellence, social skills, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well -being.

Cambridge School Shimla
5 Acres Green Campus
Cambridge Boarding International School in Shimla
40+ Subjects
Cambridge Boarding International School in India
1:4 Teacher Student Ratio
Regular Health Checkup


The School Of The Future

Since several months, i have been occupied as a parent, with the selection of a good school for my child. Going through various websites, and prospectus, being an entrepreneur, the thought came to my mind – if i were to open a school, what kind of school it would be? This has little to do with my core business of mobile application development. Schooling and education fall back on old and time tested traditions and we tend to not change many things with time.

Whereas technology, and specifically mobile technology, which is my forte, are extremely dynamic, even unstable and always in a growth phase. It may seem easy to add technology purely at an execution level to a school (eg. develop a homework app) but that will not really re-define the way learning is enabled.

Birds At Plenum: Cinereous Tit

Hello everyone, i am back again with another bird at Plenum. its calm nature and love for peanuts is what puts it on my favourite list. Well it all started by an art project for the grade nine students where the task was to make a bird feeder for the birds, we see around us. Everyone started with brainstorming but most of them wanted to get an idea from you tube and google. That’s where the task was made difficult for these 21 st century kids “No usage of internet and developing ideas from real life.”

As expected, the students did find it difficult at the earlier stage but then they started observing the birds around them. This is when one of the students mentioned to put some peanut butter jam on the feeder that he had been planning to use.

Birds at The Plenum School: Oriental White Eye

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, and truly said!!

Humans have forever been inspired by nature. Being an art lover, i have always found nature as a source of inspiration for my artwork. It plays a vital role in stimulating imagination through its different forms, shapes, patterns, colours and its uniqueness.

One true form of colour, art, tone, value, balance and harmony found at The Plenum School comes in the form of the birds we find on campus. Anyone would fall in love with the early morning chirping of these beautiful colourful, energetic avians. Based at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, The Plenum School is welcome habitat for a variety of bird species. Definitely a gift for bird lovers!