What Is IGCSE?

It stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This is one of most popular curriculum offered by Cambridge International Education for learners of age 14-16. According to the Indian board and system, this is considered to be equivalent to Grade 10. However this certificate is globally recognized and accepted. This is a board/curriculum which is learner centric, it focuses on the skills and knowledge, their assessment criteria are absolutely different from any conventional method of assessing the students. It gives a true picture to the students to assess their knowledge, help them in critically analysing the situations, prepare them for their lives ahead. Plenum believes that education is a preparation for life, not just for university and that education should help students to develop resilience and the ability to experience failure as well as success. This is the reason why The Plenum School chose to be an IGCSE school. We follow Cambridge International Curriculum. There are only around 500 schools in India which offer IGCSE to the students, amongst this Plenum is the only igcse boarding schools in India.

Parents Speaks

Why You Should Choose Plenum Family?

Plenum family is an extended family any parent can ever think of for their child. We are one of the best igcse boarding schools in India.

Our approach is different?

The multi-dimensional approach, is one of our endeavors which promotes excellence, engagement and ethics in education, preparing students to become good workers and responsible citizens who contribute to the overall well-being of society.


Through research-based concepts, frameworks and resources, researchers seek to help students reflect upon the ethical dilemmas that arise in everyday life and give them the tools to make thoughtful decisions, making The Plenum School one of the best igcse boarding schools in India.


We make our learners ready for the future. Alongwith physical well being and academics, we also focus on bringing mental peace and being healthy from within. We call this "Astachal". The Plenum Family sits together every evening, admiring the sunset and its beauty. We try to achieve the Zero State of Mind, which obviously is not that easy initially, so just sitting quietly, letting our mind free, is what we practice daily.


Away from the hustles of the metropolitan area, we are based in the valleys of Nahan. Peaceful silence all over, chirping sounds, relaxing river burbles, is what we are in the habit of. Best boarding schools in India are always located far from the polluted areas and localities.


This school has taken special care for children’s health and hygiene. We care for our parent’s concern of being able to get home cooked food for their kids. It has been 3 years since this school has started operationally, we haven’t got even a single complaint on the food being served in our mess to the students. Even parents visit the school and have the same food. The just love it. The Plenum School focuses on making food with love, compassion like a mother does for her family. Because we are an international school, we have students from Thailand, Africa, etc. However, The Plenum Chefs never fail to cook equally tasty and healthy food for our foreign friends. Be it Continental, Indian, daily snacks, or even tea, love and hard work is always seen and observed in the food.

Positive Learning Environment

A positive learning environment is the one where learners feel involved and responsible for their comfortable enough to fully participate in group or individual activities. If the learning atmosphere is not encouraging to gaining knowledge or skills, it will be hard for learners to remain engrossed or interested.We at Plenum try to establish a supportive learning culture by providing a mentorship program to monitor individual growth and assistance whenever required. We try to help every learner with their psychological needs establishing positive relationships with peers and each member of the learning community. There are less behavioural incidences, developing the right learning attitude for the young minds.

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Cambridge Boarding International School in Shimla
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1:4 Teacher Student Ratio
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The School Of The Future

Since several months, i have been occupied as a parent, with the selection of a good school for my child. Going through various websites, and prospectus, being an entrepreneur, the thought came to my mind – if i were to open a school, what kind of school it would be? This has little to do with my core business of mobile application development. Schooling and education fall back on old and time tested traditions and we tend to not change many things with time.

Whereas technology, and specifically mobile technology, which is my forte, are extremely dynamic, even unstable and always in a growth phase. It may seem easy to add technology purely at an execution level to a school (eg. develop a homework app) but that will not really re-define the way learning is enabled.

Birds At Plenum: Cinereous Tit

Hello everyone, i am back again with another bird at Plenum. its calm nature and love for peanuts is what puts it on my favourite list. Well it all started by an art project for the grade nine students where the task was to make a bird feeder for the birds, we see around us. Everyone started with brainstorming but most of them wanted to get an idea from you tube and google. That’s where the task was made difficult for these 21 st century kids “No usage of internet and developing ideas from real life.”

As expected, the students did find it difficult at the earlier stage but then they started observing the birds around them. This is when one of the students mentioned to put some peanut butter jam on the feeder that he had been planning to use.

Birds at The Plenum School: Oriental White Eye

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, and truly said!!

Humans have forever been inspired by nature. Being an art lover, i have always found nature as a source of inspiration for my artwork. It plays a vital role in stimulating imagination through its different forms, shapes, patterns, colours and its uniqueness.

One true form of colour, art, tone, value, balance and harmony found at The Plenum School comes in the form of the birds we find on campus. Anyone would fall in love with the early morning chirping of these beautiful colourful, energetic avians. Based at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, The Plenum School is welcome habitat for a variety of bird species. Definitely a gift for bird lovers!