Top Boarding School in India

The Plenum School set up by people from topmost and most coveted professions like the IAS, Alumni of IIT/IIM/AIIMS and other prestigious colleges and universities is the best-known new age International, Co-Educational, International Boarding School in India.

The Plenum School is one of its kind. It takes the very best qualities from the Best Residential Schools in India and abroad. We believe in taking the best practices from any institution-educational or otherwise. As the great scientist Newton said, “I stand on the shoulders of giants”.

Any parent who understands the aspects of a complete educational experience would love us. If you love challenges, are willing to explore mother nature, value hard work, wish your child to imbibe the right balance of discipline, camaraderie, fun, mischief, and social behavior.

Then Look No Further….. You have come to the right place. Welcome to the best boarding school in India.

Parents Speaks

Why Choose The Plenum School one of The Best Boarding School in India?

As the competition among students is enhancing gradually, parents are becoming eager for facilitating their children with the best-in-class education. Educational and schooling background facilitates a real difference amidst competition for the candidates.

A conducive learning ecosystem, host of facilities, value-based education, international curriculum, robust infrastructure, and homely ambiance are some of the factors that in turn make The Plenum School as the first choice of numerous parents for their search for one of the best boarding schools in india.

There is a colossal library in the school for fostering learning. Different workshops and seminars are also organized regularly in the school to accustom students to ongoing issues and world trends.

There are all health facilities available in the school along with a doctor and an attendant for taking care of the health of students. There is also a refectory available in the school premises that facilitates extremely delicious and healthy food and it is regularly inspected by the dieticians.

Our Gallery

The campus of the school is beautifully constructed serving students with amenities and amazing facilities. There are spacious and airy classrooms in the school with advanced learning tools.

Green Campus
5 Acres Green Campus
40+ Subjects
Teacher Student Ratio
1:4 Teacher Student Ratio
Regular Health Checkup
Regular Health Checkup


The School Of The Future

Since several months, i have been occupied as a parent, with the selection of a good school for my child. Going through various websites, and prospectus, being an entrepreneur, the thought came to my mind – if i were to open a school, what kind of school it would be? This has little to do with my core business of mobile application development. Schooling and education fall back on old and time tested traditions and we tend to not change many things with time.

Whereas technology, and specifically mobile technology, which is my forte, are extremely dynamic, even unstable and always in a growth phase. It may seem easy to add technology purely at an execution level to a school (eg. develop a homework app) but that will not really re-define the way learning is enabled.


Astachal is our daily practise to come closer to ourselves. We all have a great potential but it is only a potential. If we do not live mindfully, we can easily drift from celebrating life.

A seed cannot be satisfied until it breaks the earth and reach for the sky. Our education is to instill self awareness and reflection so that every child becomes a thoughful human being.

As the sun marches down, we ground ourselves with the earth with sky as the only roof. Some eyes are closed, some explore the changing colors of the setting sky. There comes a moment when the thoughts pause and for a second you are most alive and a sense of gratitude takes over for someone who was trying or even accidently.

A student’s guide to life at The Plenum School

If you are heading off to boarding school, you may have mixed feelings. You may be excited to make new friends, leave the security of home to explore unknown terrain. Whether you are excited, ready or nervous, think of boarding school as an adventure!

Let me introduce you to The Plenum School as a teacher and also as boarding alumni. You will be more than a name in the attendance book. You will know your teachers and students from all the classes and better still, you’ll be able to interact with them both in and out of the classroom.

The campus is beautiful, our skies are colorful and the clouds are always up to some mischief. Be sure, you are welcome and will be right at home with us from the word go. This is The Plenum School for you!