We think beyond day-schooling at The Plenum School

Plenum, considered as the best Boarding school near Chandigarh, concentrates on each students’ motivation, engagement, and psychological well-being (e.g., life satisfaction, interpersonal relationships)—controlling for sociodemographic, achievement, personality. ‘’ Harry climbed the spiral stairs with no thought in his head except for how glad he was to be back. They reached their familiar, circular dormitory with its five four-poster beds and Harry, looking around, felt he was home at last. ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Within most school systems, The Plenum School,the best international boarding school near Chandigarh, represent a reasonably well-established environment. For a greater part of each school day across each year, Plenum’s boarding students work, play, and sleep at school. We contend that this establishes a unique set of circumstances and interactions which delineates the experience of boarding from day students. First, the residential environment of the school provides a particular ecological context in the socialization process different to those of day students which allows our boarding students to engage in a different set of activities and interactions with peers and staff, thus providing differing opportunities for growth and development.

Second, to a greater extent than day students, Plenum’s school life involves an elaborate system of regulation and scheduling of students’ daily routines, dictating when they have to wake or sleep, eat meals, participate in recreational activities, prescribing how, when, and where they need to complete their homework, the standards for keeping their accommodation neat and tidy, as well as access to telephones and computers, to name a few Third, this results in differences in salient caregiver interactions. The boarding environment at The Plenum school, known as the the Best Cambridge boarding school in India near Chandigarh, may provide a more stable environment than their own home or community, providing safety and security. Fourth, boarders typically spend a greater amount of time with teachers, coaches, and other school staff (e.g., boarding staff) and have greater opportunity to develop mentoring or personal relationships with them than day students as mentioned by the ‘The Association of Boarding Schools.’

Best Boarding School in India near Chandigarh

Finally, in addition to formal structures, it is suggested that Plenum develops a collective identity through traditions, rituals, and symbols associated with its boarding house within the school or the tradition of boarding within the school as a whole. In doing so, Plenum, an international residential school,engender a specific, symbolic ecological context that ties the individual to the collective While there are parallels for day students, their exposure to and involvement in these activities and traditions is different and/or more limited. Given the nature of students typically attending our school, and the structures and processes of the school, it seems reasonable to postulate that boarding school is an environment in which distinct proximal processes are influential. Thus, The Plenum School,the best boarding school in India near Chandigarh is a paradise on Earth for students who wish to grow and parents who dream for an overall development of their Children.

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