What A Real School Should Teach You?

We live in a world where people are more concerned with appearing to be something important rather than actually being something important. Growing up, everything you’re told to do is for no other purpose than to earn the approval of others around you. Let us all be honest with the fact that, Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth and our schools are performance based and not purpose based. In school, we’re given grades by our teachers, and these grades are used to monitor our progress over time. Grading scales and the importance placed on standardized test results in today’s educational environment pits student against student – making even minor academic failures feel traumatic to already-overburdened students. Chuck Grassley rightly said ‘What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.’ Education should be about learning and exploring, not about the pressure. Because education and learning shouldn’t end when the last textbook is closed or when the diplomas are handed out. It should only end when we do.

Plenum vs the rest of the world

What The Plenum school,The Best international boarding school near Delhi, teaches you is how to stand for yourself. How to draw your own conclusions, find what you're interested in and develop a plan to pursue it, engage with others and form long-lasting relationships along the way. And most importantly, how to learn. The Plenum School, the Best Cambridge boarding school near Delhi, not only teaches that our ‘Why’ for life is more important than our ‘what’ for life but also, failure is nothing but just a path of growth. The students here at this Paradise we call, The Plenum School learn that the one path or decision that’s right for you may not be the one that your teachers and parents encouraged you to follow, but it’s up to you to make that decision for yourself. Look at everything as an opportunity to experience more, learn more, engage more, and be fulfilled. The Plenum School, known as the best boarding school near Delhi gives the students holistic education experience that grants its students more opportunities to develop, grow, and achieve in all aspects of their lives. Students at PLENUM strive for independence, and with that comes the ability to manage time more efficiently. We have the best faculty and educators who are highly skilled, experienced and committed to the excellence and success of each student they instruct. The Plenum School is the best boarding school near Delhi, it teaches the students to step outside the box, to complete it their way, a way that incorporates their unique talents and gifting to bless and to be blessed by God through.

Best Cambridge Boarding School in India near Delhi

The Plenum School ,the Best Cambridge boarding school near Delhi definitely eliminates the school uniform. "Uniform doesn't allow the students to be creative, to express their sense of style" says the Founder President, Mr. Pankaj Sudan. Frankly students are not prisoners, so give them freedom to wear what they want. Such things make Plenum the best school for our children. " We have the universe to roam in imagination. It is our virtue to be infinitely varied. The worst tyranny is uniformity". George William Russel. The world is so beautiful because it is so diverse. The jungles are so majestic because they have trees and shrubs and creepers and just about every conceivable color. The logic of not having a uniform is to bring out the innate beauty of each child. It gives each child a small decision to make every morning. With this small initiative, we teach children leadership, decision making, making choices besides making the school colorful. To us, this whole concept of Uniforms is so outdated and so very boring that we did away with it. This seems like a residue of the Industrial Revolution thinking and a product of the missionary school model. The interesting thing about this is that the best schools all over the world have long junked the whole idea of Uniforms. Students in the Top-most schools in Europe and America do not have Uniforms for their students. Even the best-known and highly rated schools in India like Rishi Valley Chitoor, Sahyadri School Pune, Woodstock Mussoorie, Kodaikanal International School do not have a uniform. The Plenum School,the Best international boarding school in india near Delhi, benchmarks against only the very best in India. Thus, our Uniform Policy is that we don't have any. How is that for a school.

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