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06 Nov 2022

Food, Folks and Fun

Food, Folks and Fun

Indian festivals are all about flavourful fragrant Feast. Until and unless we have had a great meal and have a burp of satisfaction we don’t feel festive.

Diwali is a festival of light, crackers and food. Things that I remember from my childhood are,  bursting crackers and eating a lot of food, like a lot of scrumptious food. Life has been good enjoying the festive food.

The numerous festivals of India are enriched with many mouth-watering sweets and lavish meals. Palatable items like mathri, mithai, ladoos are some of the preparations that one sees during most festivals.

This week was full of a distinct set of delicacies like Fried egg rice, White sauce pasta, French fries, Garlic bread, kheer, Maggi, pakoras and sweets. We, the plenumites, celebrated Diwali week by cooking, eating and having fun together. As it was a festive time and all our mess-helping staff was on vacation, we decided to take the spatula in our hands and became the chefs ourselves. Kids were driven by enthusiasm to help us out in cooking.

Mai took the charge of making garlic bread, Divya mam made vegetable fritters and I took the charge of making Béchamel sauce pasta. We started our preparation by 4:30 in the evening and were done making dinner by 6:30. We went for Diwali Pooja and till we finished everyone was dying to have the food.

The food presentation was mouth-watering and everyone’s eyes were lit with joy. Everyone had their meals happily. After their meals, students thanked all the teachers and students who prepared delicious food for them and as responsible residents of school, they helped in cleaning and arranging the mess.

After a great meal, everyone had a sound sleep of satisfaction.