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18 Nov 2022

Chai – Samosa Chronicles

Chai – Samosa Chronicles

How can you be in India and not love Samosa-Chai Combo? This combo is the perfect treat for your taste buds. They have a sumptuous flavour and a rich texture. In India, wherever you go, you will definitely find this mouth-watering combination. Every bite of this crispy delight along with a refreshing sip of ginger-infused tea will make you smile with unexplainable joy.

Every day our students are served healthy, nutritious and homely food cooked with lots of love. We are not averse to Indian Junk food, we have included Chai-Samosa in our mess menu. This is our Cheat meal and The Plenum School enjoys each and every aspect of life.

Our samosas are filled with appetizing potatoes, peas, and green chilli and have a crispy covering. It is served with tamarind chutney which enhances the taste. Plenumites love this combination and why won’t they, as it is a perfect snack for wintery evenings. Students are served with this mouth-watering combo on Sunday which adds up to make it a fun day for them.

Come, join us and celebrate chai samosa evenings.

  • Richa Vaidya